Panther Band Parents Board

Jeanette Zollinger, president

Cyndi Lagerquist, 1st VP Communications

Joo Cho, 2nd VP Parent Support

Nancy Nakatani, Treasurer

Colleen Delany, Secretary

Ways and Means (vacant)

Past Executive Board Member (vacant)

Officer Position Descriptions
-Directs Officers and Committees
-Presides at all meetings of the Board of Directors and General Membership
-Responsible for general administration and coordination of activities of the Panther Band Parents
-Examined and signs monthly bank statements before transfer to Treasurer
-Other duties as directed by Board
-2nd signatory on bank accounts

1st Vice President – Communications
-Assists the President
-Assumes President’s duties in his/her absence
-3rd signatory on bank accounts
-In charge of media relations (radio, cable, newspapers, internet and school paper)
-Collaborates with webmaster for website updates regarding events and calendar
-Prepares and e-mails press releases
-Promotes upcoming events to media
-Creates articles for Panther Pursuits
-Coordinates volunteers for publicity

2nd Vice President – Parent Support
-Responsible for directing and coordinating all parental support
-Assists Committee Chairs in soliciting volunteers
-Responsible for student/parent database

-Keeps detailed record of income and expenditures
-Consistently maintains record in accordance with generally accepted accounting principals
-Presents financial statement to Board at each meeting
-Responsible for payments
-Maintains funds with a local bank
-Is first of 2 required signatures for bank accounts

-Maintains Articles of Incorporation
-Maintains By-Laws
-Takes and maintains minutes of all meetings
-Directs activities of organization regarding communications

Director of Ways and Means
-Directs and coordinates all fundraising activities
-Responsible for long range planning

Past Executive Officer
-Provides advisory detail to proposals before Executive Committee
-Maintains continuity for long range plans
-Must be a member of a previous year’s Board