Concert Band Festival

Wind Ensemble Festival Performance

The Wind Ensemble will be performing at the SCSBOA Concert Band Festival this Friday, 3/24 at Citrus College in Glendora.  Our performance will be adjudicated by three respected band teachers (active and retired) who will assign our group a rating for their performance.

Some limited details about the event and a map are available here:–orchestra-festival-2017.html

We could still use a couple more chaperones, so please follow the link below to signup:

Wind Ensemble Festival Chaperone Signup

Concert Band Festival Performance

The Concert Band students will also be participating in an adjudicated festival performance on Tuesday, April 4th at Redondo Union HS.  Our details for that day, including performance time, have not been confirmed yet, but plan on a 7am call time and we should be back to NPHS in the late afternoon or early evening.   We will need chaperones for this trip, so please follow the link below to sign up.  It’s a wonderful day and I’m sure you would be fascinated to see what our students go through at one of these events!

Redondo HS Concert Band Festival Chaperone Signup

What is Concert Band Festival?

Ever wonder what a Concert Band Festival is all about?  How do judges go about assigning bands a rating?  What’s the process?  Check out the links below to learn more about festival and to also take a look at the actual judging sheets that they will be using to adjudicate our performance.

SCSBOA Concert Band Festival Parent Letter

SCSBOA Concert Band Festival Judging Sheets