Jazz Band Auditions

Jazz Band Auditions

Thursday, May 23rd


  1.  Click here to view Jazz I Audition Times.
  2. All current Jazz I students will play their audition during the class period.  All others should sign up for a time after school.
  3. Download the audition materials below for your instrument and read the instructions carefully.

Don’t worry about how you think you will do or if you think this audition material is too difficult for you, this is a good challenge for you to attempt and a good way to determine who could be ready for more advanced jazz study.  Ask a friend for help, do your best to prepare, and don’t eliminate yourself from the group without even giving it a try!  No matter what happens, this is going to be an excellent learning opportunity.


All auditions will be done in person this year with results being released soon after the auditions.  If you make the band, Mr. Crystal will work directly with your counselor to help with your class schedule.  If you have any questions about the audition requirements, ask Mr. Crystal any time.

Audition Materials

The play-along recordings are for you to practice with.   This is the actual Anthropology play-along that will be used in the audition.

Anthropology Playalong

All The Things You Are

Drumset Audition 2019-2020

Piano-Guitar-Bass Audition 2019-2020

Winds Audition 2019-2020