In The Grid – 2020

Enter the world of electronics, machines and alternate realities in this thrilling original show. Intense grooves and driving rhythms maintain constant excitement while the Panther Band explores what life would be like in a completely digital landscape.

  1. Gridlocked
    Intense sound effects immediately transport the audience into a digital world. Driving rhythms build to a first impact as we find ourselves completely surrounded by a thrilling world of electronics. Music continues to intensify as we explore this new world. 
  1. In Search of Life
    Not all is perfect “In the Grid” – it can be a lonely place, without any human life. A soprano saxophone solo sings a mournful song, which is echoed by the ensemble, building to an impact depicting the loneliness that we might feel in a world where we are the only living, breathing thing.
  1. In the Grid
    Quickly, the energy picks back up. More pulsing rhythms and a percussion feature lead to a set of section feature moments. These moments will show off each of the wind sections and are filled with opportunities for visual support. This builds to a powerful climax of energy.
  1. Returning Home
    Utilizing melodic material from previous movements, this finale recaps the first impact of the show, this time leading to an intense and positive coda as we escape from our alternate reality of the grid.

In the Grid – mp3

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