Panther Marching Band 2017 – RA!


Ra, the Egyptian god of all light, warmth, growth, and life on the planet.  Join us this fall as we take audiences on a journey through the mythology and mystery of Ancient Egypt!

Mvt. 1 – Out of the Waters
Before light, before Earth, before life, there was only water. Out of the primordial waters, Ra is born.

Mvt. 2 – Journey Across the Sky
Each day, for 12 hours, Ra sails through the sky, shedding light onto the Earth and all its inhabitants.

Mvt. 3 – Journey Through the Underworld
At sunset, Ra continues to the Underworld, where he sails back to the east in preparation to repeat his daily journey.

Mvt. 4 – The Cycle
Ra continues this cycle day-by-day, forever, as the sun rises and sets over the Earth.

If you are a member of the NPHS Band, you can click here for access to the music.  You need to get the password from Mr. Crystal to access this page.

Fall 2017 Show Music