The Great Silk Road – 2021

In the first century, the city of Palmyra was the ultimate “Caravan City,” a destination and center of trade along the great Silk Road, located in the Tadmorean Desert. Your audience will travel with our caravan as they set out for Palmyra, fighting for their lives as they journey through the desert in an effort to reach the city.  Listen to the audio of the show with the links below!

Mvt 1 – Sunset/Starry Night

Mvt 2 – Sandstorm

Mvt 3 – Palmyra

1. Sunset
Our caravan embarks on their journey as the sun begins to set, taking advantage of the cooler desert nights to begin their travels.

2. Starry Skies
While suburbs and cities are plagued with light pollution, the desert is the perfect place to see everything our universe has to offer. Gaze in awe at the stars and nebula of the night sky in the desert.

3. Sand Storm
These violent wind storms can last for months. Our travelers desperately seek shelter in an effort to survive the storm and continue their journey.

4. Palmyra
After a brush with death, the caravan survives the sand storm and finishes their adventure, arriving at Palmyra.

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