Panther Band Volunteers

The NPHS Band relies on many volunteers in a wide variety of capacities from overnight trip chaperones to help with uniforms, towing the trailer, or building props.  In order to further ensure the safety and security of our students, the Conejo Valley Unified School District has implemented a policy requiring all volunteers that work with students to be registered and receive clearance from the district.

The Asst. Superintendent for Human Resources has identified four levels of volunteer involvement based on the amount of time and the context that you will have student contact.  Each of the 4 levels are outlined in the a District Volunteer Requirement Guide and with each level of participation, there is a list of the documents/actions that are required to receive clearance.

In order to be in compliance with the district policy, we will need you to  see Elise Laina in the activities office ( to get cleared.  She can help you identify which level of volunteer you are and walk you through the process to get cleared.