Everything we do as a band program is made possible by the collective efforts of our students and parents to provide the funds.  The Panther Band Parents is the official booster organization supporting the NPHS Band Program.  In addition to providing logistical and volunteer help, they organize several events each year to help fund the band.  The funds raised throughout the year help to provide additional coaches that work with each section, travel to competitions and festivals, offset the costs of maintaining our instrument inventory, or sponsoring special guest artists and conductors that come to rehearse or perform with us.

Check out some of the opportunities below for individual students and families to help fund the band.

Amgen Foundation

Amgen employees can take advantage of a very powerful fundraising tool provided by the Amgen Foundation.  There are two programs that can be used to benefit the NPHS Band via the Panther Band Parents (the band booster club).

Matching Grants – The Amgen Foundation will match any donation made to the Panther Band Parents 100%.  It is a simple process that each Amgen employee can access to submit their donations for approval.  You’d send the actual donation to PBP and then notify Amgen that you’ve made a donation.  That donation is verified by the band and then Amgen will send a check for a matching grant directly to the PBP.  It’s as easy as that…

Volunteer Hours – Any hours worked on behalf of the NPHS Band will be funded by the Amgen Foundation and paid to the Panther Band Parents.  You just submit the hours worked and designate the Panther Band Parents as the beneficiary.

Here is a cheat sheet for Amgen employees to use to navigate the Amgen Foundation web portal to submit your donations or volunteer hours:

Amgen Matching Gift Directions for NPHS Band


Band Families can really help us out by shopping with SCRIP.  Our SCRIP program is completely online, so you can purchase whatever you need at any time and even take delivery of the SCRIP digitally in some cases.  No hassle, you were going to spend $200 on gas this month anyways, why not help the band while you’re at it?  Click here for more information.

Make A Donation!

If you would like to support the students in the NPHS Band with a one-time or recurring donation of any amount, we would greatly appreciate it!  Use the button below to send your tax deductible donation to the Panther Band Parents (a registered 501(c)3 non-profit).