The Panther Band Wants You!

New Member Orientation Meeting

Tuesday June 6th at 7pm in the Band Room

We are ready to rock and roll in 2023-2024!!!  If you play an instrument or even want to learn how to play a band instrument, this is where you need to be.  The very first step in being a part of the band program is to give us some important information about you and what instrument you play using the registration survey link below.  This is separate from your class scheduling with your counselor and, if you plan on being part of the band program next year, you need to sign up below to make that happen.

Sign up here to join the 2023-2024 Panther Band

2023-24 NPHS Band Online Registration Survey

Once you’re signed up here, keep an eye on this website and the band calendar so you know what is coming up.  Also keep reading below for other important information about getting involved in next year’s band.

Looking forward to seeing everybody soon!

Mr. Crystal

New Member Auditions, June 5th

If you are new to the NPHS Band in 23-24, then you will need to also do a short audition with Mr. Crystal on Monday, June 5th to determine your class placement for next year.  Signups and audition materials can be found HERE

2023-2024 Band Orientation Meeting

June 6th at 7pm

All new members to the NPHS Band need to attend an important orientation meeting with their parents in preparation for next year.  There is a lot that goes into being a part of the band at Newbury Park and this is your opportunity to know what to expect and how it all works.  The 2023 New Member Orientation will take place in the NPHS Band Room (room M-2) on Tuesday, June 6th at 7pm

Check out this video made by Panther Band Alum, Angel Mendoza (class of 2021) to learn more about how the band program is organized and what makes it such an important part of our students’ lives!