Panther Band Parents Board

Chris Maturo, president

Mary Walzer, 1st VP Communications

Delia Budziszewski-Pérez, 2nd VP Parent Support

Casey Koeppel, Treasurer

Sharon Lin, Secretary

Ways and Means (vacant)

Past Executive Board Member (vacant)

Officer Position Descriptions
-Directs Officers and Committees
-Presides at all meetings of the Board of Directors and General Membership
-Responsible for general administration and coordination of activities of the Panther Band Parents
-Examined and signs monthly bank statements before transfer to Treasurer
-Other duties as directed by Board
-2nd signatory on bank accounts

1st Vice President – Communications
-Assists the President
-Assumes President’s duties in his/her absence
-3rd signatory on bank accounts
-In charge of media relations (radio, cable, newspapers, internet and school paper)
-Collaborates with webmaster for website updates regarding events and calendar
-Prepares and e-mails press releases
-Promotes upcoming events to media
-Creates articles for Panther Pursuits
-Coordinates volunteers for publicity

2nd Vice President – Parent Support
-Responsible for directing and coordinating all parental support
-Assists Committee Chairs in soliciting volunteers
-Responsible for student/parent database

-Keeps detailed record of income and expenditures
-Consistently maintains record in accordance with generally accepted accounting principals
-Presents financial statement to Board at each meeting
-Responsible for payments
-Maintains funds with a local bank
-Is first of 2 required signatures for bank accounts

-Maintains Articles of Incorporation
-Maintains By-Laws
-Takes and maintains minutes of all meetings
-Directs activities of organization regarding communications

Director of Ways and Means
-Directs and coordinates all fundraising activities
-Responsible for long range planning

Past Executive Officer
-Provides advisory detail to proposals before Executive Committee
-Maintains continuity for long range plans
-Must be a member of a previous year’s Board